Plans for Grove

Earthwork for an exciting new mixed-use development is slated to begin this fall, pending approval from the City of Bend.

“Grove” is located on the 1.79-acre vacant lot on the roundabout at Mt. Washington and NW Crossing Drive.

The first of two phases of Grove will include a public market hall and commercial building totaling nearly 64,000 sf. The public market will be focused on food and beverage merchants who will share seating and services. A plaza located at the southeast corner of the site serves as a public entry and provides additional outdoor seating and amenities such a fire pits. No tenants have been announced at this time.

A two-story mixed-use building will be situated along NW Crossing Drive and will feature tuck-under parking. The building is over 22,000 sf and will accommodate office tenants in suites ranging from 500-4,000sf.  The ground floor of this building is expected to have some retail.  Both the market hall and mixed-use building are anticipated to be under construction most of 2020 and open by the end of the year.

A second phase is expected to commence on the site in the Spring of 2020. Phase 2 will include the construction of a condominium building with 33 units, along Ordway Avenue.

Grove represents the essence of mixed-use living, offering dining, retail, work and living opportunities all on one site. Designed by Hacker Architects of Portland, the architectural design features an abundance of natural light, wood elements and clean lines. It will be an exciting addition to the NorthWest Crossing community.

The site is being developed by a partnership between project ^, West Bend Property Company and its investors.  Project^ is led by Tom Cody who adds, “we are excited to continue our work in NorthWest Crossing and are taking great care in bringing vibrancy to this high-profile site at the heart of the community”.  For leasing information, please contact Christopher Jones: [email protected].

The Center Welcomes Pediatric Specialists

Children and teenagers need specialized orthopedic and neurosurgical care for their growing bodies and brains. We have always cared for children at The Center because we are passionate about helping children become healthy adults. Our new pediatric specialists are here to provide a wider range of specialized treatment options for families in Central Oregon, with exceptional care and compassion.

Pediatric Orthopedics

Dr. Justin Roth has experience in all facets of pediatric orthopedics, with specialized training in limb and spinal deformity, hip preservation, foot and ankle conditions, sports medicine, and neuromuscular disease management, as well as pediatric and adult trauma. He was motivated to pursue this specialty because he enjoys working with children and their families and using his extensive knowledge and training to make a difference in people’s lives. Children are not just small adults. Their growing bodies require specialized orthopedic care, whether treating a fracture or a complicated medical condition like limb and spinal deformity.  He says, “I’m committed to providing the highest level of quality orthopedic care to Central Oregon’s youth. There is nothing more rewarding than helping them thrive.”

Dr. Roth completed his fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He earned his medical degree from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, and completed his residency at Riverside University Health System in Moreno Valley, California. He enjoys backcountry skiing, surfing, golf, biking, travel, and spending time with his family.

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Fellowship trained in pediatric neurosurgery, Dr. Priscilla Pang provides care for all aspects of pediatric neurosurgery, including brain and spine trauma, spina bifida, brain and spine tumors, degenerative spine, tethered cord, Chiari malformations, and other congenital disorders. She enjoys working with a diverse patient base using a thoughtful, comprehensive, and multidisciplinary approach. She says, “I am passionate about helping patients improve their quality of life. My care philosophy is to treat each patient like I would want a provider to treat myself or a family member, providing the most compassionate and effective care possible.”

Dr. Pang completed her fellowship at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in pediatric neurological surgery after finishing her residency at Oregon Health and Science University in neurological surgery. During residency, she was awarded the Western Neurosurgical Society (WNS) Clinical Resident Award. She completed her medical education at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where she received an MD, as well as a masters of science in applied anatomy. Prior to that, she earned a bachelors of arts in neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. She enjoys traveling, rock climbing, yoga, surfing, and knitting.

To make an appointment with a pediatric specialist, call 541-382-3344 or visit

A Look Back at a Farmers Market Success Story

In the summer of 2008, NorthWest Crossing debuted its first Farmers Market with a dozen vendors along the small block of Fort Clatsop Street. The Market was founded on the desire to create an experience beyond shopping, where neighbors and community members alike can support one another. “That first year was a huge leap of faith, for us and the vendors who started with us,” said Valerie Yost, NorthWest Crossing Marketing Director, reflecting back on the time. “We wanted to create a sense of community and bring neighbors out to support their local farmers and artists.” Back then there was a much smaller pool of vendors to choose from and  it was about having enough product variety to be able effectively hold the event.  “We’ve come a long way,” says Yost. “From our humble beginnings, we’ve established ourselves as a Saturday ritual for many families in Bend.” 


Over the years, Market organizers have offered a number of different programming elements at the Market. Music has alwa

ys been an important draw for the Market, but aside from farm vendors and artists, that has been about the only consistent piece! From petting zoos, aerial artists and chef demonstrations, to bagpipers and beekeeping experts, organizers have worked to seek out ways that would allow the NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market to be original and engaging.  


NWX resident and good friend to the developers, Dean Wise, brought his hoppy hobby of brewing beer to the market in those early years, to share his passion and offer tastings. Romy Mortensen, a board member of the NorthWest Crossing development team, remembers this time fondly as she explains how it just felt like everyone at the market was family and knew one another. As the Market has grown, that feeling has not only grown, but evolved. Although attendance has increased considerably, one can still appreciate the mix of new and familiar faces present at the Market each week. 


Many vendors have made their entrepreneurial debut with us, from community members sharing their hobbies, as well as established, growing businesses. Sparrow Bakery found a niche at the Market as a vendor that guided them to the decision to open a location in the NorthWest Crossing neighborhood center in 2014 to serve customers year-round. But even with a 2,000 square-foot restaurant space, Sparrow still sees the value of serving customers each Saturday on the street at the Market.  


An important aspect of the Market has always been to support local nonprofits and give back to the community. The

High Desert Food and Farm Alliance (HDFFA) has been a central component of the market for the past 4 years, creating a place where market-goers can contribute to a growing food-pantry, working to provide foods beyond non-perishables.  HDFFA is part of a team trying to grow our fresh-food pantry in Central Oregon and are at the Market

each week to accept monetary donations that are spent on fresh produce, as well as produce donations from market patrons and farmers with leftover product at the end of each day. With this effort, the NWX Farmers Market is helping the vulnerable populations in our community gain access to fresh, healthy foods.


Providing educational opportunities to the community are just as important to Market organizers. Over the years, we have hosted many organizations and demonstrations that have enlightened and inspired guests, from composting to

Kim Rivera of Backyard Bees of Bend

cooking techniques. This year, the Community Spotlight Vendor booth is sponsored by FarmMade and has featured Kim Rivera of Backyard Bees of Bend, and our local CampFire chapter. The goal of this booth is to add a community education element to the market, where visitors can learn more about different activities and organizations in the area. 


To our vendors that have been with us throughout the years: thank you! We truly appreciate those that have traveled on this journey with us. KarenLynn of BlissPillow is one of those long-time vendors and remembers her debut summer in 2009. She attributes her expanding business in part to her consistent commitment to our Market in a growing neighborhood. In reflecting back to her early Market days, she even believes that she was our first vendor selling non-edible items. To gain that spot, she remembers having to sell her company to the market manager, explaining that her millet-filled pillows are farm-sourced and therefore an appropriate product to be featured in a farmers market! 


Today, we are proud at not just the growth of the Market, but of the quality of vendors that we host, each with their own unique product or service that contributes to the character of our Market and community. It has grown to be a place where you can not only do your fresh food shopping or buy your loved ones a unique gift, but also enjoy meeting new business owners, experiencing local music, or simply meet a friend for lunch on a beautiful summer Saturday. We are grateful for ten years of amazing sponsors, vendors, and patrons, for this Market would be nothing without all of the generous support. 


Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics Opens in NWX

As a kid, Dr. JB Warton used to ride her bike to her father’s small family practice clinic after school. It’s a memory that not only impacted her future career path, but also her ambition to start her own pediatrics practice within a short bike ride from her own family’s home in NorthWest Crossing.

Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics opened in the neighborhood last month and is based on the concierge or subscription-based healthcare model. This growing trend is really based on the “old school” days of house calls and a dedicated physician that took time to provide a high level of patient care. Dr. JB was introduced to the concierge practice model in residency and was intrigued with the concept. However, like most physicians, Dr. JB has spent most of her career at large clinics and institutions, most recently as a pediatrician at Bend Memorial Clinic (BMC).

Voted as Bend’s Best Pediatrician by Bend Nest in 2017, Dr. JB is excited to offer a better healthcare experience for Bend families. Her small, charming office is designed with kids’ comfort in mind; not your typical sterile clinic setting. In addition to seeing patients in her office, JB also makes house calls, has Face Time appointments, and answers emails, calls and texts, day or night. Leveraging technology allows her to be closer to patients and break down barriers parents typically face when trying to get in contact with their child’s physician. And with a much smaller patient load, Dr. JB can spend much more time with families, providing a higher level of care.

While Bend Kids Pediatrics doesn’t take insurance, Dr. JB designed the pricing structure to be affordable and accessible for many families. She’s passionate about her patient relationships and determined to provide quality care with an emphasis on prevention.

Dr. JB was raised in both Northern California and Bend and is a graduate of Bend High School. After pursuing school and training in the medical field, she and her husband Tom returned to Central Oregon in 2010 to raise their family. They have three active boys, aged 8, 6 and 3 and an adorable Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. And yes, she rides her orange cruiser bike to work every day, enjoying the fun commute in her neighborhood.

Visit Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics to learn more >>


Root Adorned Opens in NWX

“Home is where we put our roots,” says Erin Hasler, the second-generation Bend native and owner of the new shop, Root Adorned. This philosophy was the basis for naming her boutique which offers artisan goods for the inspired home. “A home should feel like a sanctuary if you surround yourself with beauty.”

Erin has a broad background in retail, design and marketing, although Root Adorned is her first venture as a store owner—and she couldn’t be more excited. Her love for retail began years ago when she was a buyer for the beloved Bend shop, Boomtown, which offered a variety of eclectic items. More recently, she owned Ija Designs, a jewelry design company that sold to stores across the country prior to the company being acquired by Nashelle.

While preparing to open her shop, Erin and her husband took a 3-week trip to far off places gathering new and vintage tapestries and rugs, as well as inspiration for creating stunning sanctuaries. Root Adorned will support up-and coming artists, as well as offer indoor tropical house plants and pots and beautiful one-of-a-kind home accents.

The energy and scale of the growing NorthWest Crossing neighborhood center was attractive to Erin as she decided on a locale for her new business. She loves the people and the small business support the community offers to businesses like hers. We’re excited to welcome Root Adorned to the ‘hood!

Eclipse Vision Safety Tips

We’re only a few days away from the amazing celestial event that has thousands flocking to Central Oregon. The August 21st solar eclipse is a can’t-miss event that is sure to have all eyes up at the sky.

But unfortunately, while the eclipse will only last a few short minutes, damage to viewers’ eyes can last a lifetime. Dr. Gabby Marshall, the clinical director of Elemental Eyecare in NorthWest Crossing, specializes in pediatric vision therapy and is very concerned about potential damage caused by the sun.

“You should never look at the sun, no matter how much of it is blocked,” Marshall warns. “Viewing the sun for any length of time, even if partially blocked, can cause permanent scarring of the eyes. This will cause blindness in your central vision, similar to the effects of macular degeneration. It is permanent and disabling.”

For this reason, Marshall, and many other medical professionals in the area strongly suggest viewers wear protective eye glasses throughout the entire eclipse, even when the sun is blocked. There has been a lot of information in recent weeks about the eclipse glasses. There are only 4 companies in the US that have produced ISO-approved glasses (ISO 12312-2): American Paper Optics, Rainbow Symphony, Thousand Oaks Optical and TSE 17. If your glasses aren’t ISO approved and made from one of these companies, Marshall urges folks to find replacement glasses. While Elemental Eyecare is sold out of glasses, another neighbor, Umpqua Bank is giving them out for free.

Even if your family has glasses, be aware that kids may be tempted to sneak a peek without their protective eyewear. Given the harm this can cause, parents are urged to keep close supervision on their children and stress the importance of keeping eyes behind their “magic” glasses. Don’t take a risk. Set a good example. And keep a close eye on your kids. If everyone is safe, this will be a great event to remember for your entire family.

Keep a Cool Head about Concussions This Summer

Summer is in full swing – and so are the abundance of summer activities in our area. Getting outside and being active is a great way to stay healthy while having fun with friends and family. We want everyone to enjoy all of the activities we have access to as Central Oregonians, but it is vitally important to remember that injuries and falls are common and can often lead to concussions – a potentially serious risk. Concussions after a fall can occur in nearly every outdoor activity, from trail running to playground accidents. We caught up with local expert, Viviane Ugalde, MD at The Center for Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Care and Medical Director of Concussion Management for The Center Foundation, to get the facts and a heads up on what to do after sustaining a head injury.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head. They may also be caused by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move back and forth rapidly. A concussion is a serious condition that requires specialized medical expertise.

What are the symptoms?

After an injury to the head, a person with a concussion may not be able to recall events around the injury time, may appear dazed or stunned, may be confused, move clumsily, speak slowly, or have other behavioral changes. Other concussion symptoms can include headache, nausea, sensitivity to light or noise, dizziness, confusion, and changes in attention, concentration, and/or memory.

But I never lost consciousness!

The majority of concussions do not involve a loss of consciousness. Concussions are most often associated with a period of altered consciousness; the individual may appear to be confused, “out of it”, unable to answer simple questions, or unable to remember the incident.

What do I do if I suspect I have a concussion?

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your head. If you have suffered a concussion and return to your sport of choice without being evaluated by a medical professional, you increase your risk for more complications. Do not try to judge the seriousness of your head injury yourself – seek medical attention from a health care professional experienced in concussion management as soon as you can. Make an appointment with your primary care provider, or visit NOWcare for same-day appointments. Be sure to keep a close eye on the individual for the first 24-48 hours and watch for any changes.

If any of the following symptoms are present, go to the emergency room or call 911:

  • Lost consciousness
  • Convulsions or seizures (arms and legs jerk uncontrollably)
  • Severe confusion; cannot recognize familiar people or places
  • Repeated vomiting
  • One pupil larger than the other
  • Drowsiness or inability to wake up
  • Slurred speech, weakness, numbness, or decreased coordination

How will my doctor evaluate my head injury?

Your medical provider will assess things like your cognitive function, balance, vision, neck pain/injuries, and any potential need for referrals for speech therapy, physical therapy, or neuropsychology. Your doctor may do a scan of your brain, such as a CT scan or other tests.

What will recovery be like?

Every person and every brain injury is different. Most people will recover quickly and fully within a few weeks, but for some, symptoms can last months or longer. Making short term changes to your daily activities can help get you back to a regular routine more quickly. Rest is extremely important to allow the brain to recover. As you start to feel better, introducing light activity can be a great way to help the brain heal. It is important to avoid any activity that put you at risk for another injury to the head. Electronics and “screen time” should be avoided for the initial recovery period. Your medical provider can create a custom plan to ensure the quickest recovery possible. Be sure to contact your doctor right away if any symptoms concern you or are getting worse.

How can I reduce my risk of concussion?

The goal is for every Central Oregonian to enjoy the outdoors and be active while staying safe. Be sure to use approved and properly fitted safety equipment for your sport of choice, and make sure it is in good condition. While there is no concussion-proof helmet, they do protect the skull and absorb impact. Make sure your helmet fits properly and is worn consistently. Always wear a seatbelt, or use age-appropriate car seats, to reduce the risk of head injury in case of motor vehicle accidents.

For more information on concussions, visit the Concussion Center at

NWX Makes “Top 50” List

Where to Retire Magazine has named their “Top 50 Best Master-Planned Communities in the U.S.” and NorthWest Crossing was the only Oregon community on the list. The July/August issue features the Top 50 list.

According to the publisher, Where to Retire editors reviewed several hundred candidates across the country during a nine-month selection process. This elite group of developments offers today’s retirees a well-rounded, active lifestyle and provides a positive impact on the economic health of the towns and cities in which they are located.

The publication cited the multi-generational aspect of the community that provides social connections and neighborly interactions. Its enviable location near recreation and built-in amenities likes parks, community garden, restaurants and offices also garnered editors’ attention. This is the second time the Bend, Oregon neighborhood made the list. Where to Retire included NorthWest Crossing on their 2015 list.

Click to read the article >>

Business Feature: Kariella

When her daughter Kariella was born, Amara Bessa enjoyed getting together with other moms in Bend, swapping sleep stories and feeding techniques. Previously, Amara was a buyer in the fashion industry in California. The other moms in her group took note of her stylish and unique fashion choices—a rarity for a sleep-deprived mom with a new baby. With the encouragement of her mom group, Amara started Kariella (the boutique) in her garage, hosting weekend trunk shows with girlfriends.

Eventually, Kariella outgrew Amara’s garage and she officially opened a small retail store on Arizona Street, and later moved downtown. Kariella quickly drew a loyal following, known for unique, quality pieces that were affordable. In 2015, circumstances caused Amara to move her store to Ventura, California and Bend Kariella fans were crushed.

Although a California girl at heart, Amara longed to reopen Kariella in Bend and stay connected to her Central Oregon customers and friends. When the opportunity to open a retail store in NorthWest Crossing popped up, Amara jumped at the chance—and Kariella was back in Bend!

kariellastoreLocated in the heart of the NorthWest Crossing neighborhood center, Kariella is a cute fashion boutique offering a great range of sophisticated and fun clothing and accessories that won’t break the bank. “I like beautiful things, but don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune on them,” says Amara. That philosophy is reflected in the soft sweaters, flowy dresses and delicate jewelry adorning the racks in the store.

Amara describes her style as “laid-back modern bohemian with feminine flair”. The 36-year old boutique owner has a talent for taking a simple piece of clothing and knowing how to layer that piece with others and accessories in a way that is age appropriate, yet stylish and fun for her customers.

The store receives new inventory every week and is gearing up for spring and summer fashion (including stylish swimwear). Kariella is currently open Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm but starting May 15, will be open Monday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm. The store is located at 2755 NW Crossing Dr #105.

The Press loves JEM (and so do we!)

JEM Organic Nut ButtersJEM_sunset_cover-web are not only delicious, but good for you too. This growing Bend, Oregon company (with a convenient storefront in NorthWest Crossing), offers a range of savory and sweet nut butters that taste good on everything from fresh fruit to ice cream. And they’re made with quality organic ingredients and packed with nutrition.

But we’re not the only ones to notice this tasty product. Recently, we spotted JEM mentioned in the February issues of both Sunset Magazine and Food & Wine Magazine. It also made an appearance on a food segment on The Today Show.

So, if you haven’t tried JEM yet, what are you waiting for? Visit their website for more information or recipe ideas.

Hydro Flask’s New Home in NWX

Hydro FlaskFounded in Bend in 2009, Hydro Flask is a beloved local brand. If you’re from Bend, chances are, you have a Hydro Flask in your car, on your desk or in your pack (or all three!). The company has blossomed from humble beginnings into an award-winning leader in high-performance, insulated stainless steel beverage and food flasks. And much of that time, the company has been headquartered in NorthWest Crossing.

Late last year, the company moved just down the street to their brand new facility in NWX. The modern 12,000-square foot building not only better accommodates their growing team, but also incorporates a variety of features including a hydration station, bike corral and showers for post-lunch exercise outings. In addition, team members have access to beverage taps and specialty coffee equipment featuring Hydro Flask customers’ microbrews, kombucha, and roasted coffee. With panoramic view windows and roll-up doors facing the Cascades, the space embodies Hydro Flask’s fun and adventure-oriented brand culture.

NorthWest Crossing seems to be the perfect home base for this growing company and its team. And we’re grateful to Hydro Flask for saving us from lukewarm. Cheers!


Neighborhood Elf Enjoys NWX

corny_graphicHave you seen Cornelius lately? This sneaky little elf has been roaming the neighborhood visiting various hot spots in the ‘hood. And he seems to be enjoying himself.

Between devouring ocean rolls, playing in the park and enjoying some libations, Cornelius has been a very busy elf this month. If you spot him on our Facebook or Instagram accounts, be sure to follow the post link and submit your guess for your chance to win a $150 gift card to the NorthWest Crossing business of your choice. But come December 24, Cornelius will be headed back to the North Pole until next year.

Read more about our beloved elf >>

NWX Residents Go Solar

where-to-retire-sept-oct-2016_coverThe recent September/October issue of Where to Retire magazine features retirees across the country taking advantage of the benefits of solar energy.

NorthWest Crossing resident, Rex Holloway, was included in the article discussing his experience adding photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof of his home. He monitors his solar production via an app on his smart phone and likes that he’s able to . After taking advantage of rebates and tax credits, Rex’s  $17,000 system only cost him $4,000 out of pocket.

To see the complete article and learn more about the advantages to going solar, click here.

NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market Vendor Profile: Adoboloco

Making things even hotter at this year’s Farmers Market is Adoboloco! This Oregon company was founded in 2011 and this is their first year spicing things up for us here in Bend. The company creates a wide variety of hot sauces which are based on the flavor of the pepper varietals used. This process is similar to fine wine or coffee – the way that Adoboloco grows and selects chili peppers from farmers can be likened to the way wineries select grapes. The seasonal and environmental influences affect the flavor, color and heat levels of the pepper, and they embrace and mention these differences on each bottle.

You can also be sure there is no funny business inside each bottle – all of Adoboloco’s hot sauces use only four ingredients and the sauce is naturally preseved. There aren’t any fillers, gums, oils or sugars in Adoboloco’s products. One of their sauces has five ingredients – the Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce – which has a “whole lot” of naturally sweet fresh Hawaiian Pineapple.

They said, “While on vacation visiting family here in Bend, we visited the market several times. We love how organized it is and the variety of high quality vendors.”

Come down and visit us any Saturday through September 17 from 10am – 2pm.


Munch and Movies: A Bend Oregon Tradition

Nothing screams summer time in Central Oregon like one of our many outdoor events during the sunny season. Perhaps one of our most beloved family events is Munch and Movies – and the 2016 series starts tomorrow in NorthWest Crossing’s Compass Park. Looks like another beautiful day in Bend, so bring your friends and family down to enjoy Zootopia and get some great grub from the food vendors. This will become your Friday night tradition for the next month! You can come on down to the park as early as 6pm, and then the movie will start at dusk.

Here’s our 2016 lineup!

August 19: Zootopia (PG)

Zootopia is a mammal metropolis, home to many animals. When Judy Hopps  becomes the first rabbit to join the police force, she quickly learns how tough it is to enforce the law. Determined to prove herself, Judy jumps at the opportunity to solve a mysterious case. In order to get to the bottom of the case she has to work with a con artist fox who makes her job harder.


August 26: Guardians of the Galaxy  (PG-13)

A group of intergalactic criminals are forced to work together to stop a fanatical warrior from taking control of the universe. Starring Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper.

guardians of the galaxy

September 2: Inside Out (PG)

The film is set in the mind of a young girl named Riley Andersen who has five personified emotions: joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust. These emotions lead her through her life while her parents move her from Minnesota to San Francisco and she has to go through many life changes.

inside out

September 9: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (PG-13)

Three decades after the Galactic Empire has been defeated there becomes a new threat. The First Order attempts to rule the galaxy and only a ragtag group of heroes can stop them, along with the help of the Resistance.

star wars VII

News Release: New Restaurant “Washington” to Open in NorthWest Crossing

New Restaurant “Washington” to Open in NorthWest Crossing
New dining option in the Bend, Oregon neighborhood features fresh, seasonal food and drinks

August 15, 2016– Bend, Oregon – NorthWest Crossing, a mixed-use community on Bend Oregon’s west side, will welcome “Washington” to its dining ranks next month. Located along Mt. Washington Drive, the new restaurant combines traditional with swanky and rustic with industrial for a welcoming feel. They will feature neighborhood cuisine in a traditional American style, as well as beer, wine and cocktails served in the bar. Washington is owned and operated by Ted Swigert, who founded the popular Drake restaurant in 2013 in downtown Bend.


Swigert said, “We’re excited to bring all the things people love about Drake to our new restaurant in NorthWest Crossing, with some key differences that will appeal to the neighborhood audience. Our culinary director, John Gurnee, has created a consistent and approachable menu with some fun twists, like daily specials, a raw seafood bar and salads you can build yourself with a variety of toppings. The kids menu will also give families better options for healthy foods and choices for their children.”


The focal point of the new space is its indoor-outdoor feel, with large rollup windows in the bar area that open to a spacious patio. The patio will feature a large fire pit, community tables and flat screen TVs, along with bike parking and a convenient “to go” window for those who’d like to eat great food at home. Inside, the open kitchen with a seating bar allows guests to see what’s going on behind the scenes.


The design of Washington is a collaborative effort between Swigert and contractor Bob O’Connor, who have built 14 restaurants together in the past 25 years. Sara Hobin and Jennifer Thornton of Style 8 Design were key members of the team tackling interior design, finish selections and styling. Local agency, GB2 developed branding and marketing for both Drake and Washington.


“The final product is a comfortable unique space that leans traditional but also features contemporary accents to compliment the beautiful building.  Washington debuts with its own individualized look and feel but also purposely has some elements that give a nod to Drake.  This was a very fun project and we’re excited to watch it come to life even more as the doors open,” says Hobin who also was involved in Drake’s design in 2013.


The bar in the Washington will showcase creations from Melanie Ehrlich, who serves as the official “Liquid Therapist” for both Drake and the new restaurant. Not only will the bar be serving local craft beers, a selection of wines and traditional cocktails, but Ehrlich will add in infused drinks with fresh, seasonal ingredients throughout the year.


“The stars aligned for us to open in this great location along Mt. Washington Drive, and we are looking forward to becoming a regular stop for both the residents of NorthWest Crossing and all of Bend,” Swigert continued.
Washington is set to open in late summer and is located at 900 Mt. Washington Drive. They will be open from 11am to close on weekdays for lunch and dinner and 10am to close on Saturday and Sunday to include brunch.


NorthWest Crossing Kids Crit is Back!

Even if you’re not a cyclist, watching bike races is a fun spectator sport, and one many Central Oregonians turn out for in spades. We think watching is even better when it involves streamers, tricycles and a mad rush of little helmets and pedals. We’re excited to welcome back the NWX Kids Crit race this Saturday, August 13th from 10-11am. The race is designed in heats for kids from under three all the way to 11 years old, with four age groups and prizes for winners!

The race, which is part of the Central Oregon Pediatrics  Kids Day at the Farmers Market, is hosted by our own local Umpqua Bank. While the event itself is free, participants need to pre-register. It’s easy: fill out this form, and then drop it off at Umpqua Bank at 2755 NW Crossing Dr #113.

The best part? Umpqua will be giving out ice cream to all participants at the finish.

Crit lineup-3

Crit race-2


Farmers Market Vendor Profile: Sweet Mamas Soaps & More

Sweet Mamas Soaps & More is back for its second appearance at the NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market.  The company was founded in 2013 by Kim Tatum. She named her company after her goats, from whose milk she creates her products. Each morning when she would go out to milk them, Kim would call out “Hi, my sweet mamas!” and the name was born.

Sweet Mama’s products stand out because it is made from  fresh goat milk from the Tatum’s farm just east of Bend, but it also contains raw shea butter and clays.  Raw shea butter is well known as an excellent moisturizer.  They add clay to the soap for color, to boost cleansing properties, to add “slip” when used to shave with a razor to eliminate shaving rash (no shaving cream needed), and to add a creamy quality to the lather.  The company currently offers two soaps with activated charcoal which makes a great face soap for people with acne-prone skin.

In addition to soap, Sweet Mama’s also makes a great lotion using their goat milk, aloe vera juice, and raw shea butter along with oils that soaks in and soothes dry, chapped skin.  Last year, they added lotion bars for people wanting a more intensive lotion that takes a little longer to soak in.  They call it a “heel saver” because it will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, cracked heels when applied at bedtime and allowed to soak in overnight.

But that’s not all! Sweet Mama’s push-up, twist tubes of Body Balm are made using herbal infused olive oil, raw shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils – a great concoction to apply on cracked skin, callouses, minor wounds, and rashes.  Kim said, “My husband has used it for the past couple of years in place of a prescription steroid cream on his psoriasis.”  Also in a tube is the company’s Arnica Balm, made from arnica infused olive oil along with most of the same herbs as the Body Balm and essential oils that are great to apply on sore muscles and joints.  This product is great for sore muscles, plantar fasciitis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Last, but not least, Sweet Mama’s makes sell lip balm in mango, mint, orange, and pomegranate; and 3 tinted colors:  light pink, pink, and copper.

Kim said, “I research different ingredients (oils, butters, herbs, and essential oils), their reputed health benefits and their cost and formulate recipes based on what I learn.  At the Farmers Market, I enjoy meeting people who come to our booth and discussing their skincare issues so I can learn how to better meet their needs.  For example, one summer I had a couple people come by my booth who had peanut allergies in their family.  We were concerned about the sweet almond oil in my soaps and lotion and whether it would cause an allergic reaction.  In response I decided the sweet almond oil really wasn’t necessary in my soaps, but I do like it in the lotion as it is a light oil (compared to olive oil which is heavier).  So, I have replaced olive oil for the sweet almond oil in my soaps, but not the lotion.  It is this input from customers at festivals and markets that encourages me to continue learning and questioning why I use the ingredients I do.  I am frequently reminded of a saying I heard as a child, ‘The more you know, the more you learn you don’t know.’”

Kim has a passion for   researching and making skin products that use simple, natural ingredient that yield great benefits at a price that is affordable.  She says, “While there is no way to make good, natural skincare for the same bargain prices large grocery and chain stores can sell chemically-filled skincare products, I do believe it is possible to make good natural skincare that is affordable for someone who chooses to use natural versus chemical skincare.”

Come down and visit us any Saturday through September 17 from 10am – 2pm.

NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market Vendor Profile: Rofe Designs

Roanna Fe Gingrich founded Rofe Designs in 2010, and this will be the company’s second year participating in the NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market. All of the designs for Rofe Designs clothing are hand-drawn (nothing digital!) and hand-screened. The clothing itself is ethically made that is soft and comfortable, and looks good too!

Roanna said, “I love the location of this market and the low-key feel. The quality of products sold at the NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market is unmatched for other markets this size.”

Salem based Rofe Designs is hoping to expand soon with a mobile storefront that can come to customers, with an option of holding a private Rofe party – for rewards, wardrobe expansion and even for a fundraiser. Part of the aim of this new model will be to support local and small businesses with outside products for Roanna’s craft. She is continuously working at new ways to be more sustainable and create options for giving back to the beautiful community in which we live.

She continued, “The NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market gives me a real excuse to spend more time in the Bend area, little getaway from the valley!”

Come down and visit us any Saturday through September 17 from 10am – 2pm.


NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market Vendor Profile: Pink Rakes Studio

If you are looking for something one-of-a-kind that will start a conversation, then first-time market vendor Pink Rakes Studio has it! Founded earlier this year by Stephanie Petershagen, Pink Rakes creates hand-built ceramics and sculpture that are sure to catch the eye.

From useful pieces like small plates, spoon rests and vases, to abstract masks and yard art, Pink Rakes pulls out all the stops. Creativity abounds in every piece! The best way to explain the items that you might see at the market from this vendor is to show you some photos. See below!

Stephanie said, “I like the location of the NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market on Bend’s westside and all the good vibes from the visitors and other vendors.”

Come down and visit us any Saturday through September 17 from 10am – 2pm.


pink rakesPink1Pink2pink3pink4pink5pink6pinkrak

NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market Vendor Profile: DK Designs Jewelry

While you may have definitely seen the beautiful creations of local company, DK Designs Jewelry, this is the first year you’ll find them at the NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market. Founded three years ago by owner Donna K, DK Designs makes unique pieces of hand crafted jewelry.

Made using recycled materials, Swarovski crystals and materials chosen by the customer, each piece is made with attention to detail. Both the materials used and the quality craftsmanship are made to last. The company focuses on precious metals that are said to have holistic properties, so not only are the creations beautiful but they can help you feel better as well. For example, copper was used by ancient Egyptians and Aztecs for its healing properties and elements like hematite have been said to alleviate fevers.

Donna has been a resident of Oregon for three generations, and DK Designs creates jewelry with a true Oregon feel – combining local organic elements with a new modern industrial twist.

She said, “I love the NorthWest Crossing area and am excited to bring something new to the visitors of the Farmers Market.”

Come down and visit us any Saturday through September 17 from 10am – 2pm.


DK Designs 2DK Designs DK Designs1

NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market Vendor Profile: Bucha Buena Fermentation Creations


Coming back to the market for its second year, Bucha Buena brings visitors its local, craft kombucha. The company’s brewery is located on Bend’s westside in true micro craft fashion: it’s created in the backyard of owners’ Brooke Moore and Brit Nelson.

Bucha Buena takes local seriously as they only use real fruit to flavor their product, and everything they use is sourced in our home state of Oregon. They are looking forward to sharing their fare with visitors at the Farmers Market, as their brewery is not open to the public. So Saturday is your best chance to try out their kombucha – and more.

They said, “We are excited about the release of our new Sour Series, a hard kombucha that is 4.1% ABV, and aged in oak barrels. Our website will have tap listings for where you can find it around town.”

Come down and visit us any Saturday through September 17 from 10am – 2pm.


NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market Vendor Profile: MaileKai Creates, LLC

Founded in 2010, MaileKai Creates makes useful and fun works of art by up-cycling all those beautiful bottles in the world. The company takes discarded bottles and uses several processes to create items that can be used again and again.

Some of their pieces are slumped (melted in a kiln) to create one-of-a-kind gifts, spoon rests, soap or jewelry dishes, serving or hors d’oeuvres dishes and much more. Other bottles are carefully cut and sanded into drinking glasses, vases, or goblets, enabling customers to re-claim their favorite bottles and turn them into useful items.

This family business is run by Robert Clark (chief bottle cutter) and Elise Clark (chief bottle slumper), plus a bottle cleaning and sanding crew made up of four teenagers: Jodi, Kai, Sami, Alex. Most of the bottles MaileKai collects are from in and around Bend, from local bars and eateries, as well as from all those recycle bins that are curbside twice a month. The team scavenges for their favorites, and also have many customers collecting bottles for them to use, saving them from the landfill.

Elise says, “We love the NWX market because the combination of Farmers and Artists makes for an interesting mix of vendors. Great food, awesome music, and happy customers always makes for a fun day.”

Come down and visit us any Saturday between June 18 – September 17 from 10am – 2pm.

Mailekai wineMailekai glassMailekai slump

NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market Vendor Profile: Precious Cargo Seafood

Seafood is the perfect fresh and tasty food for summer days in Oregon. Bend company, Precious Cargo Seafood is under new ownership this year – Dawn Mitchell is the new proprietor – and it will be her first year participating in the market.

Her seafood stock changes with the catch, and is updated regularly on her website (she also takes special orders). The company carries 100 percent wild caught seafood, so you can be sure you are purchasing your fish from a sustainable source. Many of her products are flash frozen at sea, which preserves the freshness of the fish. At this year’s market, she will not only be selling a selection of seafood, but also will have live crawdads, along with all the extras – Rik’s Rubs (local company), pasta, bread, batter mixes, marinades, BBQ supplies, planks and everything needed to create a seafood meal. A one-stop shop for a great dining experience!

Mitchell, who is a Central Oregon native, said, “I am really excited to be in the NW Crossing Farmers Market. I can’t wait to meet new people and just enjoy being outside having fun at work!”

Come down and visit us any Saturday through September 17 from 10am – 2pm.


LogoCrew bringing in a catch-72dpi

NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market Vendor Profile: ACME Hot Hog Company

A brand-new food vendor at the market this year, ACME Hot Dog Co brings hot dogs that are anything but run-of-the-mill. ACME offers grilled all beef hot dogs and veggie dogs served on toasted buns with specialty toppings such as creamy homemade mac and cheese topped with bacon, BBQ sauce, and chives.

Brendan Maier, founder of the company, said, “We love all the action at a farmer’s market and we look forward to sharing our hot dogs with Bendites and visitors alike!”

The company was founded earlier this year, and you may have seen their bright red food cart around at various events this spring. Come down and try a dog!

Come down and visit us any Saturday through September 17 from 10am – 2pm.



NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market Vendor Profile: DD Ranch

DD Ranch is back for our 2016 Farmers Market – they’ve been a part of the market since the very beginning! Always a favorite for visitors to the market, not only does the Terrebonne-based ranch bring out a fun Petting Zoo and Pony Rides but they also sell their grass-finished meats at the market.

Original owner Mike Duggan and his partners, Jeff and Linda Anspach, have this to say about their experience at the Farmer’s Market: “We have made many friends over the years and look forward to making many more.  Teaching people about the benefits of grass fed and finished meats coupled with consuming local raw honey is very rewarding.  Regarding our Petting Zoo and Pony Rides, it is always a joy to see the look on the children’s faces when they pet a pig or baby calf for the first time or take their first pony ride.”

Grass finished meats from DD Ranch have no hormones, chemicals or grain. The beef they are selling is free-range and grass-finished, and they also have heritage pork and lamb fed wheat and alfalfa that is grown right on the Ranch. Visiting their booth at the NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market is a great way to source local meats to feed your family!  In addition to meat, DD Ranch will be selling Central Oregon Raw Honey. Many locals use this honey for years in an effort to combat allergies to the local pollens.

Come down and visit us any Saturday between June 18 – September 17 from 10am – 2pm.


DD Ranch Piglets Black White Lambs New Foal

NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market Vendor Profile: Maragas Winery

Ground-breaking Central Oregon winery Maragas joins us at our Farmers Market for the first time this season, selling wines made and processed at their winery in Central Oregon. The winery also has two estate wines that are made with grapes grown at their Terrebonne area vineyard.

Owners Doug and Gina Maragas are looking forward to participating in the market. They said, “This market is well known for its great selection of vendors and the local-minded customers it attracts.  We are looking forward to bringing our wines to the local crowd in such a great location.  The atmosphere is fun and festive, seeming to be a perfect pair with our products.”

Doug Maragas learned wine making from his grandparents, who brought their winemaking over from Europe in 1941.  The company’s wines are made using all natural, old world proven techniques. That means no additives or chemistry, Doug just guides the grapes to express their magic in the finished wine.

Maragas Winery also capitalizes on the dry Central Oregon climate, which causes micro oxygenation (evaporation) to occur when in the barrel providing richer flavors.  Over the last 10 years, the company has experimented with many different grape varietals to determine what the Central Oregon region will grow.  They have found that their vineyard is great for Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Gris & Meunier, Chardonnay and a few others.  Maragas Winery is just getting started with the terroir in Central Oregon and can’t wait to reveal the wines. Come check out what they can do at the market this summer!

Come down and visit us any Saturday between June 18 – September 17 from 10am – 2pm.

**This is the first in a series of blog posts giving some insight into our vendors for the Farmers Market this summer. Less than two weeks until the season starts! 


maragas logo

Barrel Wagon DSC_0599 bright v sm(3)


Northwest Crossing Community Garden: More than Just Plants

Last year, across 28 Oregon counties there were 3,323 active OSU Extension Service Master Gardener Volunteers. Here in Bend, we are lucky to have some of the best, including our own NorthWest Crossing Community Garden Master Gardeners. Not only have our Master Gardeners brought knowledge, patience and green thumbs to our garden plots, but they’ve helped ensure the continued success of this important community amenity. And growing food and plants is only part of the success.


In 2013, the OSU Master Gardeners were approached by teachers at the High Desert ESD Headstart Language Development Group which serves 3, 4 and 5 year old students who are learning English as a second language. The teachers wanted to give their students a garden tour and help educate them about gardening and plant growth.  The following year, the team planned ahead so that the students were able to plant their own beans and potaties, watch them grow harvest them in the fall.


Louise Gaston, OSU Master Gardener Volunteer, said, “This was a great language experience for these children. One boy had spoken almost no spontaneous English since beginning the class. While harvesting the potatoes, he used only English to talk about the potatoes he found. All the students went home with potatoes and beans for dinner.”


She continued, “We have already planned to continue this program. It is as much fun for the Master Gardeners as it is for the students!” The students planted their vegetables earlier this month and will come back in fall when school starts again to harvest.


This program with Headstart was highlighted in the OSU Master Gardeners Annual Report, and may even eventually be implemented in other areas.


Our community garden has every plot spoken for in 2016, but if you are interested in learning more please visit our garden page at:







Professional Builder Magazine Explores NorthWest Crossing’s Master Plan

Professional Builder magazine recently published a Q&A with NorthWest Crossing’s general manager David Ford. Under discussion? Our neighborhood’s unique build-out model – a vision for a community that was attractive, varied and welcoming.  From the article: “Typically, master planned communities are built out by a single builder or by a half-dozen companies that buy lots and put up their production-built homes. But West Bend Property Company, a partnership between Brooks Resources and Tennant Family Limited Partnership, used a different model, recruiting a guild of 25 home builders to buy lots through a lottery.”

Professional Builder magazine is published for the the nation’s home building community — builders, designers and trade partners. It was founded 75 years ago, and comes out on a monthly basis. Our article came out in their April issue and is also published online.

Check out the complete interview here >>




Named a “Best Neighborhood” by Where to Retire Magazine

It’s not just a subdivision; it’s a real community.
~ Susanne Eckhardt, NWX Resident


Where to Retire 2016
Where to Retire
, a national publication and authority on retirement relocation, just named NorthWest Crossing as one of the Best Neighborhoods to retire. The Bend, Oregon community is highlighted in the May/June issue and features several NWX residents and why they love living here.

According to the publication, NorthWest Crossing’s appeal is due to its proximity to outdoor pursuits, the mixed-use design and the variety of architecture. Also, older residents like the fact that NorthWest Crossing isn’t a retirement community; having young families as neighbors is part of the appeal.

View the article here >>

Nobody Walks in L.A. – But We Do in NorthWest Crossing!

“Walkability” generally isn’t a word you’d throw out in casual conversation, but it is a term that’s been gaining in popularity over the last decade as it pertains to community design. If you’ve looked at any real estate websites or apps lately, you can see that homes are given what’s called a “walk score.” Developers are seeking designs that focus on the creation of walkable, transit-oriented neighborhoods. People are considering transportation options (such as walking) when making a home purchase decision.

While it has risen to the forefront recently, walkability is not a new concept. It actually dates back to before the rise of the automobile (1920s) and was a key part of communities before urban sprawl took over. Today, experts study the benefits of walkable communities – examining everything from health benefits (there are many – both physical and mental) to economic impact (improved outcomes for local retailers). In addition, leaving the car behind means heightened environmental sustainability.

When NorthWest Crossing was envisioned more than a decade ago, its master plan included walkability as a core driver to the design. The plan was created to retain natural landscape elements, such as mature Ponderosa pines and natural rock outcroppings, while also providing intrinsic connectivity to encourage use of alternative transportation options (e.g. walking). Some people may not know that West Bend Property Company, NorthWest Crossing’s developer, worked directly with the city’s planning department to develop brand-new code that allowed a neighborhood overlay zone that included multiple uses – part of the sustainable, walkable plan from the beginning.

In addition, extra wide sidewalks lead to resources within walking distance:  retail, dining and schools; community garden, parks and open areas; and health care resources. Spring is coming; time to leave the car at home and walk!


Five Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day in Bend, Oregon

The history of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery. Thought to have its roots in a February-ish ancient Roman fertility ritual, the day as we know it is named after a Christian martyr named Valentine. Even experts don’t really know how the holiday became what it is today – a day of love, Hallmark cards, dinner dates and boxes of Sweetheart candies.

However it came into being, it is now a celebration of love from exchanges in Kindergarten classrooms to parents desperately searching for a babysitter so they can have a night out together. Since you’ve likely already missed the window for making a dinner reservation that starts before 10pm, we’ve rounded up five easy ways you can still make Valentine’s Day special in Central Oregon:

1. Stay home. Decorate your house with some sweet Valentine’s Day swag (check out the selection at our own Cutest Store Ever) and throw your own dinner party. You can pick up ready-made goodies at Tate and Tate and some fancy sweets at Little Bite Cafe, All Mixed-Up or The Sparrow Bakery. Wine from portello winecafe, and you’ve got a complete dinner and never even had to leave the neighborhood. If you have kids have them act as your maître d – they’ll have fun serving you.

2. Take a walk in the park. We have no shortage of parks and open spaces in NorthWest Crossing – and in Bend – and if this weather holds, it will be beautiful. And it is a good way to connect. A University of Minnesota article says: “According to a series of field studies conducted by Kuo and Coley at the Human-Environment Research Lab, time spent in nature connects us to each other and the larger world…. It appears as though nature inspires feelings that connect us to each other and our environment.” (You MAY want to take the walk on Saturday instead of Sunday as rain is in the forecast.)

3. Participate in a run. There are actually two runs taking place on Valentine’s Day – Central Oregon Running Klub’s Hot Chocolate Run with a start and end at *Larkspur Park* by the Bend Senior Center on Reed Market Rd. It’s free and you can even bring the canine love of your life. The Snow Wars Royal Runs will start at the Les Schwab Amphitheater Ticket Office and the trail will wind along the Old Mill District & Deschutes River, with a mixture of paved paths and groomed trails – and even few themed obstacle challenges.

4. Go to a live music performance. The Central Oregon Symphony Winter Concert Series happens to have a matinee performance on Valentine’s Day this year…so grab your love and go listen to commissioned pieces by Copland and Thomson and pieces by Liszt, Prokofiev and Wieniawski. High Desert Chamber Music’s Valentine’s Day concert is also a good option, performing pieces inspired by love and romance in downtown Bend.

5. Festival! The 2016 Oregon Winterfest will be in full swing on Valentine’s Day. The final day of the three-day festival, this is a massive celebration of winter with ice carving, the infamous Metal Mulisha, the K9 Flying dogs and much more. Pack up the family and spend the day with one another, loving on this beautiful season in Central Oregon.

So no matter how Valentine’s Day began, let’s celebrate it for what it is today – a time for love and enjoying each other!


The 55+ Life in NWX

NorthWest Crossing has a diverse array of residents. From young families to retirees, mabu-club-2any generations love calling NorthWest Crossing home. And one such set of residents is taking advantage of all that life (and the neighborhood) has to offer. They longed for a way to meet and socialize with their neighbors… and the NWX 55+ community was born.

womens-walking-group-snowLaunched by a small group of residents, NWX 55+ started out with small informal meet-ups at portello winecafe or at their homes. It’s since blossomed into a regular group of residents (aged 55 and older) who share passions and activities that range from exercise and sports, to book clubs, coffee dates and even a “girls night out”.

The NWX 55+ community can view upcoming events and contacts for joining a variety of groups by visiting their website.

NorthWest Crossing has been nationally recognized on several occasions as a top place to retire by Where to Retire magazine.

2015 Numbers Are In: NWX Fares Extremely Well

Our friends at Harcourts The Garner Group, our local NorthWest Crossing real estate office, recently gave us a roundup of sales numbers for the year. We’re pleased to tell you that NorthWest Crossing has fared extremely well when it comes to home values. As you can see from the chart below, not only have numbers risen since 2014, but average sale prices in our neighborhood remain nearly $200,000 above Bend area residential average sale prices overall.


2015 Stats

In fact, there were gains across the board for NorthWest Crossing. Listings and sales were up by double-digit margins – and these sales numbers (pulled from MLS) don’t even reflect the number of custom homes built in the neighborhood. If you’re already an owner in the neighborhood, your home is gaining in value.

If you’re looking to move here, don’t despair! West Bend Property Company and our Builders Guild continue to move forward with new development and new homes to help keep up with demand. A recent release of new homesites to our builders completely sold out (see our development update post), which means there will be more than 30 homes hitting the market soon, as well as another round opening up this summer.

Make Christmas Beautiful with Ease at NorthWest Crossing

The Christmas holiday is nearly upon us! If you are starting to feel stressed, then there are some solutions to make things easier for you – just down the street in our neighborhood center!

  • Hostess gifts: Going to a party and need a thoughtful hostess gift? There’s a wide selection of gifts for the home and more at The Cutest Store Ever. If you’re hosting a party, you can decorate your home to the nines with all of Laurie’s great ideas – just stop by and check out the shop!
  • Children’s gifts: If you’re like us, many of the kids in your life have so many “things” its hard to know what to get them. Experiences! Little Bite Cafe has kids’ cooking classes every season and even hosts parties – call or come in the cafe to find out more. (We’re pretty sure they have some holiday goodies going as well!)
  • Holiday dinner: Tate and Tate Catering has full holiday meals available. Here’s the catch – you need to order by today 12/21. Otherwise, stop by their shop at the NorthWest Crossing neighborhood center for some ready-to-bake casseroles and other savory dishes to help you feed your holiday company with ease. They’re open until 3pm on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas Day.
  • Holiday desserts: The Sparrow Bakery is once again pulling out all the stops and creating some holiday masterpieces just for you. Special order Buche de Noel, apple, pumpkin, and pecan pies, and u-bake croissants now for pick up on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas everyone! Looks like we will be having a white one this year!

5 Musts For The Perfect Christmas Table
5 Musts For The Perfect Christmas Table

NWX Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony in Bend Oregon

We are looking forward to our annual tree lighting ceremony in the NorthWest Crossing neighborhood center. Will this be the year the weather cooperates? From sub-zero temps to freezing rain, we’ve lighted our big tree each year and stayed warm at heart with our friends and neighbors (and Santa, of course). This Thursday will be no different as the big guy is joined by the Bend Fire Department to switch on the sparkling lights – all to the sound of holiday music sung by the Summit High Jazz Choir. Kids can explore the ladder truck while sipping on free hot cocoa.

Once again, we are sharing the spirit of the season by supporting Bend Fire Department’s Santa Express, which distributes food to needy families throughout the city. Please bring a non-perishable food item donation and you will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of several NorthWest Crossing Gift Baskets stuffed with merchandise and gift certificates from NorthWest Crossing businesses.

Join us THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3 at 5:45 pm. You won’t miss the big truck right by All Mixed-Up and Little Bite Cafe.

Thank you to High Lakes Health Care for their sponsorship of this fun family event! Happy holidays everyone!

2015 Tree Light Logo lockup

Walk this way

In the latest issue of Alaska Airline’s inflight magazine Beyond, an article entitled “Walk This Way” spoke to a new urban lifestyle that seeks walkability – among other things. The article cites a 2015 Urban Land Institute study that measured attitudes toward housing transportation and community, noting that 52 percent of American adults would like to live in a place where they rarely need a car. In addition, the study also showed that 78 percent of Americans prefer communities where residents are a mix of ages (with three embedded schools, Discovery Park Lodge and a variety of housing types – NWX has this covered).

While NorthWest Crossing may not lie in the center of San Francisco per se, some of the principles for new urban living are definitely part of the fabric of our community. The neighborhood’s fairly centralized location makes self-powered commute options, such as walking and biking even more convenient. If you haven’t noticed, our sidewalks are a full 12 inches wider than standard and our beloved full-grown ponderosa pines help create a pleasant environment for walking. Beyond simple enjoyment, the practical design of NorthWest Crossing – based on a fundamental recognition that streets should be part of the public realm and designed as ‘complete streets’ that enhance mobility and quality of life for all users: pedestrians, cyclists or motorists – increase walkability overall.

One interesting point that was brought up near the end of the article was that the higher prices that residents pay to live in a mixed-use community are mitigated by the easy access to amenities – and lack of expenses related to using a car every day. “People want to walk” the article says “you just have to give them somewhere to go.”


NWX Event Guide is Now Available

NWX Crossing Summer Events Guide 2015-1The summer event season in NWX is just around the corner! We have many special things planned for you in the ‘hood in the coming months, and our jam-packed summer event guide proves it! Check it out in the June 11th issue of The Source or just click on the handy dandy link to view the online version. And mark your calendars for the Farmers Market kickoff weekend, Kids Crit, Munch & Movies, Twilight Tunes and more!

1st Annual NWX Charity Art Bop a Success

Art BopWe had a break in the rainy spring weather (we’re not complaining! we need the rain!) on the late afternoon and evening of May 15th, just in time for the Charity Art Bop hosted by our neighborhood businesses. The crux of the activity for the three-hour event was at our own Little Bite Café, which was packed with beautiful local art, handbags, jewelry and more. Other business also participated by extending their hours, hosting artists and donating a portion of proceeds to the charity. Donations for the first annual event went to The Bend Spay and Neuter Project, which provides low and no cost services – such as dog food, free vet care and spay/neuter programs – to help people and pets stay together.