SunWest Builders

SunWest Builders

Company Background: SunWest Builders was established and incorporated in Oregon in 1989.  President and owner, Steve Buettner, has been in construction in the Central Oregon area since mid 1980’s.  Under his direction, the company quickly established a reputation for constructing high quality, custom-built homes.  Gaining market share in high-end residential construction during the slow economy of the eighties proved to be quite a challenge.  The experience gained from this time was invaluable.  Customer service and a product that met the highest standard of quality was the key to building a successful, long-lasting business.

Strategy: At SunWest Builders, we believe a successful project means more than completing work on time, within budget and to the highest level of client satisfaction.  Employee and community safety, minimal impact on neighbors and unyielding commitment to the finest quality craftsmanship are among other key metrics by which we gauge our success as an organization.  In short, we go beyond the accepted norms, keeping an eye on the ultimate goal of excellence.

Environment: SunWest Builders has been in the practice of environmentally considerate construction for many years.  We are proud to say that simple procedures such as separating recyclables, dust control and erosion/sediment management have been our standards long before the construction industry embraced this movement.  We are experienced with Earth Advantage, Energy Star and LEED practices & procedures.  It is part of doing business for SunWest Builders.

Philosophy: Teamwork is so central to SunWest Builders’ business success that it is the core value of our Company Philosophy statement, which reads:

“SunWest Builders understands that we are one member of a total project team.  Other team members —  owners, board members, architects, subcontractors and suppliers — all bring their own expertise to the project team.  In that light, and in order to be a true team player, SunWest must remain adaptable to the needs of the primary players, while at the same time providing our experience and expertise in critical decision-making.  Understanding and satisfying our client’s needs is our foremost responsibility, and we respect the accountability our clients entrust in us.  Therefore, we strive for a strong team approach by the owner, architect and general contractor, with the end goal being complete satisfaction of all players, especially the owner.”

SunWest Builders

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