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SolAire Homebuilders
Mike & Cindi O'Neil
Mike & Cindi O’Neil

Mike & Cindi O’Neil of SolAire Homebuilders has been building quality custom homes on their client’s land since 1995. From the very first, SolAire has integrated passive solar design, energy efficient homes, and healthy indoor living into the familiar form of traditional custom home. They build green custom homes throughout Central Oregon and take great care working with their clients to design quality custom homes which fit their land and distinct personal tastes.

When you decide to build a SolAire custom home you build a superior home. A SolAire custom home is a durable, lasting, beautiful, comfortable home designed to fit your personal tastes and outperform a conventionally built home. The experienced SolAire Team leads you through the custom home design and construction process with ease while also advising you on the latest building principles for green homes and green home products.

Your SolAire custom home is certified green as both Earth Advantage and ENERGY STAR. The first LEED PLATINUM certified home in Central Oregon was built in 2007. We are proud to offer LEED for Homes to all our customers.

Over the years SolAire has developed a unique niche that combines quality custom home construction with exceptional energy efficiency, passive solar design, active solar power and solar hot water, healthy indoor air quality and environmentally conscious materials. Whether you are interested in our high quality luxury features, our LEED for Homes expertise, or a zero net energy home, we can take you there.

Come see us at 549 SW Mill View Way, Suite 103, Bend or call us to talk to our Home Sales Consultants.


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