A Sustainable Development Neighborhood

At NorthWest Crossing, we believe in the sustainable development of your neighborhood. To us, "green building" isn't just a trendy catch phrase, it is part of the way that we move forward to build your sustainable community each and every day. From the very beginning, we have been committed to creating a place based on smart, sustainable growth principles that intrinsically respect the land.

Every home in NorthWest Crossing is required to be Earth Advantage™ Certified, a program that addresses green building issues such as energy efficiency, recycling, building materials, landscaping, and water and indoor air quality. Some of our neighbors even choose to go above and beyond: a home in this neighborhood was the first in the entire region to receive the highest green building honor of all - LEED Platinum for Homes and two new Net-Zero Energy homes have recently been built. We are also home to the winner of the 2007 National Association of Homebuilders Green Building Award.

We don't stop at making sure our residents are able to live in healthy homes. Even our thriving neighborhood center is being built with the environment in mind. Two of our retail buildings were among the first in Oregon to receive LEED-CS designation at a silver level from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). They also won the Green Building 2008 Awards of Excellence administered by the National Commercial Builders Council (NCBC) of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

From an original master plan that was designed around preserving mature Ponderosa pines on the property, a resident community garden, all the way to an interconnected street, sidewalk and trail system that encourages residents to use alternative forms of transportation - we leave nothing out when reaching for our vision of sustainable living in NorthWest Crossing. It's just a better, healthier way to enjoy the natural beauty of Central Oregon.