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Ridgeline sets a very high standard on quality. The attention to detail throughout the process is seen and felt in our product. This feeling you can only get from a small builder.

Nate (50% partner) personally guides each project from start to finish and adds much of his own craftsmanship into each phase. As any homeowner or prospective home buyer will find, Nate is accessible, accommodating, and available for questions or just creative brainstorming. Nate has been a builder in Central Oregon for eight years and has run N. Connolly Construction for the past five. He has apprenticed with some of the best east coast carpenters mastering how to build the right way. Nate also has a degree in product design that allows a creative approach to building homes.

A year and a half ago, Nate teamed up with Bill Boos (50% partner) to form Ridgeline Custom Homes LLC. Bill has been a Central Oregon Resident since 1982. He has an innate appreciation for the needs and desires unique to our community. Bill is a captain at the Bend Fire Department and a real estate investor. He has a BS from Linfield College and extensive knowledge of the local real estate markets. His success has come from his ability to create value in a property. He believes that at whatever level of home you are building, you should exceed the buyer's expectations.

Because of this, Ridgeline Custom Homes includes many options such as wine rooms, extensive trim, furniture grade cabinets and ornamental custom entry doors instead of making them available upgrades. By combining high quality craftsmanship, creativity, and a high value, Ridgeline Custom Homes builds homes that are in demand.

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