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The Community Garden

NWX_garden_gnome.jpgThe resident community garden was built by the developer of NorthWest Crossing, West Bend Property Company, and is managed by the OSU Extension Service Master Gardener program. It's located on the corner of NW Crossing Drive and Charbonneau Street, near Discovery Park Lodge and Summit High School. Nearly 50 families participate in the community garden each year.

Community_garden_man.jpgThe NWX community garden features cedar raised beds with irrigation and is enclosed by an eight-foot tall wire fence.

garden_watering_can.jpgThe community garden is open to residents and restaurants in NorthWest Crossing and beyond.  If you would like more information on the garden, please contact John Coltman at [email protected]  or 541-678-5949; or Louise Gaston at [email protected] or 541-318-5759. 

**NOTE: 2015 Opening Day is May 2, 2015, 9:30-11:00am

Opening Day attendance is required of all gardeners. It goes on rain or shine so dress for the weather and work. After completing about 1/2 hour of general clean-up and garden preparation (bring gloves and tools), gardeners can register for beds by completing a short form. Beds are $30 ($25 for seniors) cash or check (made out to COMGA). Gardeners will receive their Gardener's Handbook once they have a bed. Soil thermometers ($5) and row covers ($10) will also be available. Again, only cash or check is accepted. After registration is complete, there will be a short presentation detailing garden guidelines and highlighting the Gardener's Handbook. Our Garden Assistants (GAs) will be available to answer questions.

Monthly Educational Classes: 

Monthly classes are open to gardeners and interested community members and take place at the garden from 9:30 - 11:00am.

May 16 - "Get a Good Start" (planning your garden, planting seeds and seedlings, amending your soil, and protecting your bed from cold, frost and critters)

June 27 - Identifying and Controlling Vegetable Garden Pests and Diseases

July 25 - Extending the Garden Season (information on keeping your garden healthy and producing through the fall)

August 22 - The Winter Underground (information on fall planting of garlic, onions, leeks and shallots for June/July harvest)

Closing Day for the NWX Community Garden is scheduled for October 10, 2015 at 9:30am.

While many of us love our pets, please adhere to the No Pet Policy within the fenced garden.  Thank you in advance for being respectful of this request. 

The NWX Community   Garden is located on the corner of NW Crossing Drive and Clearwater Drive. For more information, please contact  John Coltman at 541-678-5949 or [email protected], or Louise Gaston at [email protected] or 541-318-5759.  Thank you for your interest in our garden and we look forward to seeing your beautiful bounty!