Neighborhood gatherings. 
Family concerts. 
Dancing like you were a
teenager again
(bonus: embarrassing your own).

It's play time.

One of the unique aspects of NorthWest Crossing is the strong sense of community you feel here. This community spirit is evidenced at the  community events that bring people together to enjoy what we all love about Central Oregon. Whether it's dancing at the Hullabaloo street festival, shopping at the weekly Farmers Market, digging in the community garden, playing at the park or enjoying an impromptu backyard BBQ, neighbors never have a shortage of things to do--or people to do it with. So get ready to play!


karen-boone.jpg“I walk my daughter to school, we walk to the parks and events in the neighborhood. We can even ride our bikes from our house to Phil’s Trail in a matter of minutes.” ~ Karin Boone, resident